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Lugana Consortium and Capitale Cultura Group in Lugano

Lugana Consortium and Capitale Cultura Group in Lugano.

Wine, art, culture. These were the pivotal elements of the day on Thursday, November 24, 2022, when Capitale Cultura Group stood by the Lugana DOC Consortium in organizing a cultural aperitif at MUSEC, the Museum of Cultures in Lugano.

Overlooking Lake Ceresio, nestled among the Swiss mountains, MUSEC hosted an event dedicated to the presentation of different styles of Lugana DOC, a wine that is still little known in our latitudes, but that over the years has gained more and more prestige and importance, thanks to the Consortium’s work of popularization.

Speakers during the event included Paolo Campione, director of the Museo delle Culture; Luca Formentini, past president of the Consortium; and Antonio Scuderi, CEO of Capitale Cultura Group. Several guests in attendance, and especially journalists from the Ticino press, had the opportunity to listen to the Consortium’s stories and discuss the developments that a wine with Lugana can still know, in terms of market and brand relevance.

The cultural aperitif on Nov. 24 is part of a larger project to enhance the value of Lugana, which aims to turn this event into an established format, able to adapt to cultural venues and make them dialogue with the world of wine.

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